Level I Smooth PDO On Demand- $1125

This package includes $1125 of PDO threadss – AND we will cover the cost of the AAFE’s on-demand PDO training course. This course is a great way to review and learn new techniques in how to use PDO threads and help your patients.

VSoft Lift is a leading provider of PDO threads in the USA. Our threads are FDA cleared and safe to use on all of your patients! This training is provided by The American Academy of Facial Esthetics. The AAFE is a teaching organization that stands apart in its educational support and outreach by combining knowledge of various medical disciplines to teach attendees new and innovative non-surgical injectable techniques. The AAFE instructs existing healthcare practices, esthetic practices and medical spas in quickly integrating new procedures through the use of successful and proven practice management, compliance, legal and business models. We are here to make your practice succeed quickly with the best business practices available.


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