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Buy V Soft PDO Threads and get the best patient aesthetic treatment outcomes with the strongest approximation PDO threads and exceptional client support.

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The best way to successfully execute TOTAL facial esthetics?
PDO thread treatments

Access the most innovative PDO threads portfolio in the industry

V Soft Lift PDO Threads The strongest biostimulatory PDO threads on the market

Stronger Threads Are More Effective

V Soft PDO threads offer a tensile strength ten to twenty times greater than other threads. Threads don’t break easily, allowing you to use less threads with shorter treatment times.
This image shows a comparison of a V Soft Lift 27Gx50mm thread (grey) next to a competitor’s 27Gx60mm PDO thread (pink).

Use Minimum Threads For Maximum Results

V Soft Lifting barbed and molded threads are specially designed with deep barbs for strong approximation and powerful results. Use less threads and achieve more natural-looking results. 

Experience a Better Aesthetic Outcome

V Soft PDO threads can provide total facial esthetics. Combining PDO threads with neurotoxin and filler correction results in up to 40% improvement in esthetic outcome longevity for better, longer lasting results.

“My V Soft Lift treatment made me look healthier and younger. They vastly improved my natural facial appearance. I love these amazing results, Thank you!”
Tammy P.

The best way to successfully execute TOTAL facial esthetics? PDO thread treatments

FDA cleared for your protection

Individually packaged for your safety

Pre-cannulated for quality assurance

Advance your skills

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Expand Your Practice

Retain existing clients and attract new customers with additional aesthetic treatment options.

Add a New Revenue Stream

Increase cash flow, improve financial stability, and scale your business.

Proud to be a Patient Centered company

We are committed to supporting our customers at every stage. From selecting threads to promoting your new skills – our team assists you with utmost attention and care. 

Our clinical staff is here for you before, during and after patient treatments. We provide the tools, materials and guidance for you to determine proper treatment protocols.

We’re on a mission to offer the strongest, most effective threads on the market. So you can enhance your clients’ features with less threads and better outcomes

Stop using threads that break. Start using threads that build.

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