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Writing Guidelines for a Chemistry Lab Report


The secret of good lab report writing is to maintain a diary. This makes the task easy because when you essay writer service a record, you don’t need to do much toil but to alter a few things. At the college level, students are asked to write various lab reports, and the Chemistry report is one of them. These scientific writings are the form of expository writings to convey the information as clearly as possible. Chemists have formulated some conventions in order to be followed in making their work accessible to their peers. Observance of these conventions allows other chemists to analyze your work. The guidelines given below explain how to apply these conventions in writing a lab report. It seems a daunting task but once you write it a couple of times, then it is a breeze. Repeated practise slowly and gradually paves the way to be the best essay writer. In case you still find it daunting, the rules and conventions in their elaborated form can be accessed at chemistry journals, Jacobean centre, and the ACE guide.

Structure of lab reports

In order of appearance, a lab report is typically divided into these sections:

Abstract and title

The title must be short and identify the experiment in a clear and comprehensible way. The abstract write my paper a precise description of the purpose, results, and methodology of the lab report. It should be three to four sentences that summarize interpretations, findings, and results.


Introduction accounts for the broader perspective of the chemistry which is being reported. It needs to be a hypothesis or brief statement of purpose that establishes the aim of the experiment that has been performed and puts the work in context relative to the already existing literature. An introduction is considered the most difficult part of report writing because it requires a sound knowledge of the relevant literature and cognizance of topics that are not directly related to lab experiments.

Discussion and Results

This section summarizes the findings and provides a clear interpretation. For instance, you were to essay writer service with kinetic data and the order of the plot, first or second, but the mechanistic implications of the discussion part are left out. Make sure you refer to spectra, data tables, or figures which will have a mention in your report. Also, make sure the proper numbering and labelling of tables and figures. The data and interpretations should be obvious and clear. This section should have the interpretation of experimental results coupled with necessary justifications. For instance, in light of your observations, you may talk about a proposed potential source of error or reaction mechanism. Make sure that at times no real conclusions are drawn from the existing data.



It should summarize the key findings by focusing on their significance. This might appear to be more speculative than simple abstract, considering other possible avenues of exploration or it may make predictions.

The experimental part of the lab report

Here the writer talks about how the experiment was actually performed and makes sure not to be overly detailed. But, make sure they mention reaction times, moles, colour change, masses, yields, characterization data, etc., make sure that all spectroscopic data is formatted by the established format of ACS.


References should be formatted by employing the Standard American Chemical Society format. The primary literature need not extensive referencing but a few to show you have read and understood the original literature.

Figures and Tables

You should not include the routine spectra such as NMR which are not reproduced in ACS articles. The figures should be properly titled and numbered as ACS standards and referenced in the lab report.

Lastly, lab reporting in comparison with other writings and formatting styles is quite easy and should be cheap paper writing service without asking someone to write my paper because it requires a couple of practices to get familiar with it. Also, the standard ACS formatting style is way too simple and complementary.



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